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In early March 2009, at the Bridge Art Fair NY, Koor created a site-specific work for the Gallery booth. Art + Auction did an interview featuring Koor and Michael Petronko. The article stated: " New York Dealer Michael Petronko handed over one wall of his booth to the artist Koor, who is known for his use of language, whether graffiti- or calligraphy-inspired, in his work. On opening night, Koor was actively making brightly hued canvases in spray paint and acrylic marker, priced between $1,000 and $5,000 each. The pieces overlap seamlessly with the larger canvas of the wall - which is also for sale - but function as stand-alone works as well. " The idea, " the artist explains, " is to create a site-specific painting but to also work in small formats which are accessible to younger collectors. " Sharing Petronko's space are eight works in ink, watercolor, and rootbeer on paper by the Canadian it-boy Marcel Dzama. Among them is an untitled 1999 narrative triptych - three freestanding pieces each measuring 26 by 20 inches that Petronko asserts would be " a crime to break up " portraying a superheroine in action. Of the series, priced collectively at $26,000, Petronko says, Works by Dzama don't come on the market in this size and dealing with this type of figurative subject. Two smaller Dzama examples, which measure approximately 12 1/2 by 10 inches and date to 2002, are priced at $3,000 and $4,000 each.

Art+Auction Article Featuring Koor, and Michael Petronko

In March of 2008, during the Bridge Art Fair in New York City, "Art Is for the People" a piece created by Ma Han, which was located in our booth, was featured in a New York Times video which was about the art shows taking place that week. Follow the link below to see the full video on the show.

New York Times Video Featuring Ma Han's "Art Is for the People"

In May of 2008, a billboard exhibition began in San Francisco run by artist and professor Richard Kamler. This exhibition featured 10 billboards each by an artist from a different country, including Kamler himself. Clinton Fein's work was displayed on one of the billboards in the exhibition. His answer to the question of what peace looks like was answered in a very unique way. He said he tried to imagine what peace would look like for someone being tortured, his billboard being a piece from the torture series. "The bleak conclusion I came to, unless you're dead or unconscious you can't really see peace. Our reality precludes that," said Fein. Below you will find a link to the video and article, as well as a link to Clinton's artist page where you can get this link as well as view his other appearances in the news.

ABC News Video / Article

Clinton Fein's artist page on Michael Petronko Gallery

Harold Pinter's 1984 Award Winning Play, "One For The Road," was performed on October 19th and 20th in Santa Monica, California. The Play's Backdrops featured some of the renowned images from Clinton Fein's Torture Series. Below is a link to Clinton's artist page on our site, which contains the full article about his work, as well as having a link to the site itself if you would like to view more information.

Clinton Fein's Artist Page on Michael Petronko Gallery

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